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Ukrainian MacNew version

Recently the Ukrainian MacNew version has been psychometrically analyzed with over 300 heart disease patients (angina pectories, myocardial infarction and heart failure). The psychometric analyses showed that the MacNew is highly reliable in assessing patients health-related quality of life across the spectrum of ischemic heart

New Translations

We are proud to announce two new MacNew translations: Bosnian and Czech MacNew. Thorough backward-forward translations by experts and lay persons in the respective languages were carried out. Both translations have been approved by our board. The new versions are now available through our online

European Standard

The MacNew has become the European Standard when it comes to measuring patient reported outcome in cardiology, in particular in the cardiac rehabilitation setting. For example, the Austrian working group of cardiac outpatient rehabilitation uses the MacNew in all its centers now for the 7th teaming up with checkware is proud to announce a partnership with The Norwegian and English MacNew Health-related quality of life versions are electronically available at Checkware Assessment Solutions are designed specifically for mental health trusts and professionals who use psychometric testing within a clinic or in

belgium macnew valid and reliable

As part of the international HeartQol project, the Flemish version of the MacNew was successfully tested in 334 Belgian Flemish speaking angina, mi and heartfailure patients. Validity and reliability could be established. Also the three factor structure was replicated. The MacNew can be recommended as

measuring health-related quality of life in heart disease in the u.s

Wisconsin, Milwaukee, USA – A single questionnaire is now available for clinicians and researchers interested in assessing patient health-related quality of life in patients with angina, myocardial infarction, or heart failure. Our objective was to determine whether the MacNew health-related quality of life questionnaire, originally

hungarian macnew published

As part of the international HeartQoL project, various language versions of the MacNew are currently being tested for its psychometric properties in each language. The Hungarian version of the MacNew successfully demonstrated to be a valid and reliable patient reported outcome measure for patients with

Michael M. Pollock Memorial lecture

Prof. Oldridge was invited to give the Michael M. Pollock Memorial Tutorial lecture at the American College of Sports Medicine meeting: Patient-Reported Outcomes in Documenting the Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Psychology Award 2008

The Association of Austrian Psychologists awarded Dr. Höfer with the Psychology Award 2008 for innovative scientific work in clinical practice.