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MacNew now available in Sinhalese

Sri Lanka with a population of over 15 million people is the latest Asian country joining the growing list of Asian MacNew versions. The Sinhalese translation processes followed a rigorous and repeated forward – backward translation strategy assuring language and cultural adaptation. The Sinhalese version has been scientifically validated in clinically diagnosed stable angina patients. […]

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Psychometric Update for the MacNew

Recently three new articles investigating the psychometric properties of the MacNew health-related quality of life instrument were published in international peer-reviewed journals for the following languages: French, Russian and Italian. The MacNew is the most wide spread patient reported outcome measure in cardiology assessing all three aspects of health-related quality of life: physical, mental and social aspects. […]

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MacNew goes Asia

We are very proud to announce three new MacNew language versions for Asia. The MacNew is now officially available in Tagalog (Philipines), simplified Chinese (Mainland China, Singapore) and Korean (South Korea). All translatation processes followed a rigerous and repeated forward – backward translation strategy assuring language and cultural adaptation. These three new language versions complement […]

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Predicting Survival

One of the best predictors of survival is self-reported health by the patient. Recent evidence clearly demonstrates, that changes of 0.5 HRQL points assessed by the MacNew Heart Disease Quality of Life instrument predicts survival of cardiac patients. Deterioration of HRQL, in particular shortly after best practice cardiac interventions, had a lasting outcome on patients survival (source: […]

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Three new languages

We are pleased to announce three new language versions for the MacNew quality of life instrument: Slovakian, Croatian and Serbian (Latin and Cyrillic). All language translations follow a standard protocol (forward-backward translation) to ensure linguistical and cultural valid versions. The MacNew is now available in 38 languages and is the leading patient reported outcome measure […]

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A new language version of the MacNew health-related quality of life instrument for heart disease has become available: Iclandic. adheres to the highest scientific standards following well established forward-backward translation techniques, making best possible language and cultural adaptations available. The MacNew is now available in over 35 languages and is the leading patient reported outcome […]

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Hot off the press

Three new articles have just been published. Health related quality of life and mental distress after PCI: restoring a state of equilibrium (Sipötz et al.). This paper explores the relationship of anxiety and health-related quality of life. The authors conclude that in absence of actual coronary heart symptoms measures of anxiety and cardiac-related quality of […]

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Ukrainian MacNew version

Recently the Ukrainian MacNew version has been psychometrically analyzed with over 300 heart disease patients (angina pectories, myocardial infarction and heart failure). The psychometric analyses showed that the MacNew is highly reliable in assessing patients health-related quality of life across the spectrum of ischemic heart diseases. The results have been published in the leading Ukrainian […]

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New Translations

We are proud to announce two new MacNew translations: Bosnian and Czech MacNew. Thorough backward-forward translations by experts and lay persons in the respective languages were carried out. Both translations have been approved by our board. The new versions are now available through our online registration tool. Overall the MacNew health related quality of life […]

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European Standard

The MacNew has become the European Standard when it comes to measuring patient reported outcome in cardiology, in particular in the cardiac rehabilitation setting. For example, the Austrian working group of cardiac outpatient rehabilitation uses the MacNew in all its centers now for the 7th year. Thousands of  patients so far were able to provide […]

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