Data on the MacNew and its development have been reported in a total of 76 publications including the 17 validation studies.  Of the 59 non-validation reports, 39 [66%] are interventional studies with a total of 8,960 patients; of these 39 studies, 18 [46%] are randomized controlled trials.  Of the 39 interventional studies, 21 [54%] included patients with coronary [or ischemic] heart disease, 10 [26%] where the diagnosis was specified as MI, four [10%] either angina or heart failure and four [10%] either ICD or pacemaker.  Of the interventional studies, cardiac rehabilitation is the intervention of interest in 23 studies [59%] with an invasive procedure the focus of 11 studies [28%].  The other 20 publications reported on MacNew psychometrics, predictors or determinants of MacNew HRQL and cross-sectional comparisons with other instruments.  These observations support previous reports of the potential of the MacNew as a core HRQL questionnaire in patients with IHD, specifically in patients with angina, heart failure or MI.


validation studies

This section contains peer-reviewed papers addressing the psychometric properties of the MacNew language versions.

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macnew reports

This section contains peer-reviewd papers in which the MacNew has been used as a patient-reported outcome measure.

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This section contains reviews about the MacNew

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