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The MacNew measures the impact of heart disease from the individuals perspective.

It has been validated world wide for the main forms of heart disease: angina pectoris, myocardial infarction and heart failure.
The MacNew is sensitive to change and measures patients development over time.
It is the preferred outcome measure for cardiac rehabilitation, surgery, percutaneous interventions or medical treatment.

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Information about health and health-related quality of life individually reported by patients is an important information for clinicians allowing for evidence based decisions.
The assessment of quality of life in daily clinical practice has become an integrative part of health care policy around the world. From a health care professional perspective quality of life assessment helps monitoring patients and improving doctor-patient communication.

The MacNew  is the international gold standard for assessing patient reported outcome measures, quality of life, among patients with heart disease. It covers all three aspects of WHO definition of health: physicsal, menatal and social well-being.