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The MacNew Instrument is protected by national and international laws. The Berne Convention and the national laws on intellectual property fully apply to the MacNew Instrument and its documents. as the copyright holder of the MacNew Instrument controls access (distribution and reproduction), its adaptation or modification, and its translation. Copyright is a means to protect the integrity of an instrument.

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To maintain, develop and adapt to cultural versions the MacNew Instrument will be distributed only on a license basis.

Goals for the licensing and user registration programs are:
(1) assuring the integrity of the MacNew Instrument
(2) maintaining the highest scientific standards for the MacNew and its scoring algorithms
(3) generating user norms and international reference values allowing easy interpretation

To request a MacNew license quote please complete the MacNew inquiry form online.

If you do need further information about the MacNew Heart Diesease Quality of Life Instrument and licensing process please contact:


Terms & Conditions:
I/we [Licensee] agree not to change the MacNew in any way, agree to give appropriate recognition, including citations, of the MacNew in all study documents and publications, agree that the MacNew measures/translations are granted for the specific study described on the Collaborator\’s Project Information form only. The number of MacNew copies is determined by the number of participants listed above.

If there are issues of scientific or copyright misconduct in using the MacNew measures/translations (including the unauthorized use of the instrument), Dr. Oldridge and/or Dr. Höfer reserves the right to withdraw permission for use and seek damages to the full extent provided by international copyright law.

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