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Setting the Global Standard for Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Evaluation

The MacNew Quality of Life questionnaire is a world-class research tool, demonstrated through its pivotal role in the study “Effectiveness of Tertiary Prevention on Quality of Life and Risk Factor Control in Patients with Ischemic Coronary Heart Disease,” by Rosalía Fernández Coronado and Adriel Olórtegui Yzu. Conducted at INCOR, EsSalud-Lima, this research emphasizes the MacNew’s unparalleled effectiveness in measuring quality of life enhancements in ischemic coronary heart disease (ICHD) patients participating in a cardiac rehabilitation (CR) program.

This comprehensive study reveals marked improvements in the emotional, social, and physical well-being of ICHD patients, insights captured effectively by the MacNew scores. This tool offers a detailed, patient-centered evaluation, shedding light on aspects of well-being that go beyond the scope of traditional clinical indicators. The MacNew proves essential in deciphering the intricate relationship between physical rehabilitation and its effects on patients’ psychological and social health, affirming its value in cardiac healthcare research and practice.

By showcasing its utility in this significant study, the MacNew establishes itself as a leading instrument in the evaluation of CR’s impact on life quality. Its capability to garner nuanced, patient-reported data on health perceptions underlines its indispensability for both researchers and clinicians focused on comprehensive, patient-oriented cardiac care. The MacNew’s contribution highlights the critical role of patient-reported outcomes in healthcare, pushing for a more patient-centric approach in the management and study of chronic conditions such as ICHD.