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MacNew Introduces Tamil Version to Elevate Heart Health

We’re pleased to announce that the MacNew is now available in Tamil, catering to the language preferences of over 80 million Tamil speakers worldwide. This long-awaited update enhances accessibility and enables the exploration of the quality of life for individuals dealing with heart disease and

Covering all languages spoken in Europe

The MacNew is the leading patient reported outcome measure for heart disease world wide. Recently we added the Bulgarian version of the MacNew to the portfolio. This extends the number of available languages for the MacNew to 46. The full list of available language versions can

Three new language versions available

The MacNew continues to be the leading patient reported outcome measure for heart disease world wide. The Asian-Pacific focus of MacNew is constantly growing with three additional language versions now available: Kannada (India), Malayalam (India) and Indonesian (Indonesia). Kannada and Malayalam is spoken by over

2017 ISQOLS Research Fellow Award

Professor Stefan Höfer received the 2017 Research Fellow Award by the International Society for Quality-of-Life studies. Professor Höfer’s pioneering research work in the field of health-related quality of life, in particular in heart disease, was recognised at the 15th International Conference of the International Society

HRQL assessment useful for identifying high risk patients

Health-related quality of life (HRQL) is an increasingly well-recognized measure of health outcome in cardiology. HRQL was examined as predictor of unplanned rehospitalization for cardiac reasons in patients after coronary revascularization over a period of 3 years. Two independent studies found the MacNew to be

MacNew now available in Sinhalese

Sri Lanka with a population of over 15 million people is the latest Asian country joining the growing list of Asian MacNew versions. The Sinhalese translation processes followed a rigorous and repeated forward – backward translation strategy assuring language and cultural adaptation. The Sinhalese version

Psychometric Update for the MacNew

Recently three new articles investigating the psychometric properties of the MacNew health-related quality of life instrument were published in international peer-reviewed journals for the following languages: French, Russian and Italian. The MacNew is the most wide spread patient reported outcome measure in cardiology assessing all three aspects

MacNew goes Asia

We are very proud to announce three new MacNew language versions for Asia. The MacNew is now officially available in Tagalog (Philipines), simplified Chinese (Mainland China, Singapore) and Korean (South Korea). All translatation processes followed a rigerous and repeated forward – backward translation strategy assuring

Predicting Survival

One of the best predictors of survival is self-reported health by the patient. Recent evidence clearly demonstrates, that changes of 0.5 HRQL points assessed by the MacNew Heart Disease Quality of Life instrument predicts survival of cardiac patients. Deterioration of HRQL, in particular shortly after best