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MacNew now available in Sinhalese


Sri Lanka with a population of over 15 million people is the latest Asian country joining the growing list of Asian MacNew versions. The Sinhalese translation processes followed a rigorous and repeated forward – backward translation strategy assuring language and cultural adaptation.
The Sinhalese version has been scientifically validated in clinically diagnosed stable angina patients. The authors of the study concluded that the MacNew is reliable and valid in Sinhalese (Psychometric evaluation of the Sinhalese version of MacNew Heart Disease Health Related Quality of Life Questionnaire in patients with stable angina).

The Sinhalese translation extends the list of Asian language versions to eight: Tagalog (Philipines), simplified Chinese (Mainland China, Singapore), traditional Chinese (Hong Kong and Taiwan), Korean (South Korea), Japanese (Japan), Malay (Malaysa) and Thai (Thailand). All available language version can be found here: language versions.

The MacNew can now be applied for health policy, clinical audit, research or clinical practice in over 13 countries in the Asian – Pacific region allowing monitoring health-related quality of life of over 1 billion people.