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ANQ utilizes the MacNew as core heart disease patient reported outcome measure in Swiss cardiac rehabilitation programs.

20130112-134801.jpgANQ is funded by the Swiss cantons in conjunction with Swiss public health insurances as a public-private partnership. ANQ implements national external quality assessment initiatives in three domains of the health care system: acute care, medical rehabilitation and psychiatry. Its adoption is compulsory for basically all hospitals with in-patient programs.

The purpose of the ANQ-initiatives is to measure the outcomes, to make fair comparisons between hospitals and to enhance the quality of medical services. The results are submitted to the hospitals, to the states authorities and to the Swiss public health insurances. A summary of the results is diffused to the general public by the media.

The ANQ-initiative for medical rehabilitation covers over 60 hospitals and approximately 60’000 patients. It offers 10 different instruments, including the MacNew health-realted quality of life questionnaire. Hence the outcomes of in-patient programs can be measured for different domains of medical rehabilitation. heartqol