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Hot off the press

Three new articles have just been published.

Health related quality of life and mental distress after PCI: restoring a state of equilibrium (Sipötz et al.). This paper explores the relationship of anxiety and health-related quality of life. The authors conclude that in absence of actual coronary heart symptoms measures of anxiety and cardiac-related quality of life are equal and reflect a measure of general health; however, if cardiac symptoms are present they seem to have a more profound impact on health-related quality of life than on anxiety.

Two articles – Correlation between Participation in a Cardiac Rehabilitation Program and Quality of Life of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease (Herman et al.) and Inpatient cardiac rehabilitation and changes in self-reported health related quality of life–a pilot study (Weberg et al.) – are exploring the relationship of participation in cardiac rehabilitation programs and their effect on patient reported outcomes. Both articles conclude that participation in cardiac rehabilitation programs is beneficial for the quality of life of cardiac patients. The improvement in quality of life could be used as a motivational tool to increase adherence for both: patients and health professionals.