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Predicting Survival

stethoscope_E_One of the best predictors of survival is self-reported health by the patient. Recent evidence clearly demonstrates, that changes of 0.5 HRQL points assessed by the MacNew Heart Disease Quality of Life instrument predicts survival of cardiac patients. Deterioration of HRQL, in particular shortly after best practice cardiac interventions, had a lasting outcome on patients survival (source: Change in health-related quality of life in patients with coronary artery disease predicts 4-year mortality).

It is crucial for medical success to closely monitor patients, throughout the whole spectrum of interventions (acute care, elective procedures such as coronary interventions and cardiac rehabilitation). These days monitoring of HRQL of the cardiac patient can be easily achieved using modern technology such as tablet’s, mobile phones or through the web. Patients can regularly and autonomously self-monitor their HRQL. They can communicate about their heart health status with their physician anywhere and seek advice from health professionals on how to improve their own quality of life.

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